Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wars: The Humanity’s Offender

Wars: The Humanity’s Offender………by Nandini Goel

How the World Abandoned in front of cruelty.
We never knew when we surrendered, abated and abolished humanity.
But by abrogating god’s rule we torture each other
But how’ll you abscond in front of god.
We weren’t insane
Just we chose the wrong path and lane.
Let’s not abolish the humanity.
So in future we don’t need mistakes from history..
How can we do this to ourselves?
Life should move like a peaceful caravan.
We can start a fight without any theory
When the law asks, do we have “a fortiori”?
We start a fight Ad Infinitum
When the law asks to abide
We start an argumentum
We start a war for inducement
This Infringement
Leads to losses which are inexpedient
How’ll we fulfill the losses?
It all wouldn’t have happened
If we would have calmed our horses
We are distributing violence every hour
This is giving birth to criminals and juvenile offenders
Let’s abate this horrendous hoax
Rebuilt the earth into a peaceful home

Nandini Goel
15th June 2012

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