Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Village of My Dreams….by Nandini Goel

The Village of My Dreams….by Nandini Goel

The Village of my dreams is still in my mind.
There are still many nuts to grind.
This Village of mine will be spiffing. My Village’s Citizen will be smarmy. We’ll
Have to remove this skullduggery . There shouldn’t be violence in my village.
I’ll have to vapid all their slovenly thoughts. No bias on the basis of Caste System
And Untouchability. Where the people will govern themselves through their strong
“Panchayati Raj”. Where one will stand for other in times of need. No one should be
Illiterate in this village of mine. Peope in my village shall lead a peaceful and a
Healthy life. Good Education and Jobs should be the right of all. I want my village to
Be the best of all. I’ll not let my village’s citizen become spendthrift. So even if its
A famine or a flood my village will never lack funds. I’ll have to slog that is why
I’ve made this project. My village will have people of all religion and faith those who
All believe in the poem we heard during Indepedence Movement.

“Don’t Forget the days of blood” O! Friend
“ In the midst of your happiness remember to shed a tear for us”
“The Hunter has torn every sing flower”
“Do Plant a tree in desert garden” Dear Friend
“Having Fallen to bullets we slept in Jallianwallah  Bagh”
“Do light a lamp on this lovely grave” O! friend
“The blood of Hindus /Muslims/ Sikhs/Christian  and all flow together today”
“Do soak your robe in this river of blood “ Dear Friend
“Some rat in Jail while other lie in their grave”
“Do shed a few tears for them” O! Friend !!!!

This poem was sung after Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre which inspires us to live in
Unison. Although Unity between Religion can’t be found in today’s World and we
often hear the news of crusades between Hindus and Muslims.

But I want the people of my village with this religious diversity, who will live in harmony.

Thank you
Nandini Goel

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