Monday, 2 July 2012

The Wind Nandini Goel

The Wind Song............Written By: Nandini Goel.

With the breeze that swings
The Flame Pirroquete's
And Gently Scintillates
O! Lord "what a dance, what a dance".....

With the breeze that swings
The Leaves Jostle Dilatorily
The Windmill gyrates Tardily
The Birds Warbles Limply
O! Lord "what beauty, what a beauty".....

With the breeze that swings
The Fatigue relishes plenty
There the Alienated releases its acrimony
and the Skullduggery
Who Transformes smarmy.....
O! Lord what a moksha, "what a salvation of soul''.....

With the Breeze that Swings
Even the Callous becomes sentient eventually
The Cacophony becomes cipher very euphoniously
The breeze that swing makes the leaves sing
O! Lord what a  Melody,what a  Melody.....

Thank You

Nandini Goel
 The Wind Song.......

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