Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tears in Heaven: Looking at the Sandy hook Elementary School tragedy through 10 Year Old Eyes… ::: An Article by Nandini Goel

Tears in Heaven: Looking at the Sandy hook Elementary School tragedy through 10 Year Old Eyes… ::: An Article by Nandini Goel

I am 10 years old, not much older than those deceased in Sandy hook Elementary School. Hearing the news of this shootout, my heart goes out. I feel scared to go to school and study.

”Education is not about learning facts but to learn how to think”, said Albert Einstein but now I feel is it safe to go to school. Today, there was a shootout at Sandy hook Elementary School, someday it can happen in my school too. How’ll we think and study if there is a scary thought in our mind. Today so many innocent children have lost their lives but why?? Just because some unbalanced mind wanted to show his importance. Maybe he didn't get love in his childhood or was bullied around but that was not because of children or maybe he was bullied by some children but children do not react because they are corrupt but it is what they are taught at their homes or what they see in their family . A child’s mind shapes or molds just like his or her parents or the society where they live.

I don’t know in how many homes will today the song “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton (link ) will be played repeatedly, just like my father did when my second sister died of Leukemia. I can truly feel the pain of the family as I also faced the loss of my newly born sister. I can understand that parent’s grief and I can tell you those moments are not good, those tears that fell from one’s eyes are too light and they keep rushing out without any control. If you care and grow a plant for years and suddenly it falls down, such a tragedy… The same grief I saw years back on my father’s face I imagine the same on those parents face those who lost their innocent children … Such a great Loss… 

Whatever stresses the killer had still he had no right to take the innocent lives. Even if he justify himself in front of humans, will he be able to justify himself in front of god… He has done an act for which he can never be forgiven, not by anyone… He is a culprit of those innocent children; he is a culprit of all those parents who lost their children’s life and all those children who lost their childhood just by going through this painful episode of their life.

In an Article I read that Pastor of the church was asked by the parents of those children who had lost their lives , what did their child asked in their last time? This news touched deeply to my heart. Oh! What can I say??  The same wait that those parents were feeling to see their children the one I saw on my father face when my sister was in Intense Care Unit. “I am sorry for their loss”.

May the Innocent Lives rest in peace and blossom like flowers in the garden of Heaven….. Amen!!!

Peace to All

Nandini Goel  

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