Monday, 30 April 2012

"Woken up" for my Dreams ..........The Poem by Nandini Goel.

"Woken up" for my Dreams ..........The Poem by Nandini Goel.

When I saw the flock of birds fly.
When I saw the Tulips blossom on high.
When I saw the sun lighten the sky.
"I could see the path".
The Omniscient showed me "the path"
"I woke up for my dreams"..

"The tantalizing fragrance of Jasmine.
filled my breath

And so could hear the Birds Chirp and could see the the sky lightened.
The Omniscient occurred before my eyes and whispered "Be Agile"
Gain the sagacity of the world....
And never forget to follow the path I showed you.

Be my Moses I'll be your guide..
So when the army of 1000 men is against you ...
The river will surely divide for you and your crew.

The air made me feel the Omniscient and he will surely help me to accomplish my dreams for which I woke up. 
Thank You

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